Second Post-lumpectomy Mammo

8 Oct

I have already announced the results on Facebook, but for those who don’t know me in that context, I finally, finally, finally, finally got my second post-lumpectomy mammogram.  It was twenty months after the first follow-up one, which was fourteen months after they wanted me to have one.  (And the first follow-up one was three months after they recommended me to have one.  Can you tell I’m not crazy about mammograms???)  Two psychics and an intuitive had told me I was cancer-free, but I did the mammo for peace of mind for myself and for any friends who had concerns.

I was able to make the one-hour trip to the hospital free of anxiety.  I was able to walk to the receptionist and then the radiology department anxiety-free.  I was even okay while the technician lifted each breast into place, squashed them, and radiated them.  I also felt fine while waiting for her to upload the films to the radiologist who was off-site that day.  (Apparently the social worker scheduled me on a day when the radiologist was not on-site.  Those with a history of breast cancer are supposed to come Mondays and Tuesdays.  Fortunately the technician kindly allowed me to continue with the mammo that Wednesday due to the fact that I had made an hour-long trip to get there.)  (I live in a tiny mountain town in Colorado, one hour from the two nearest hospitals.)

But even though I didn’t consciously feel any anxiety, after I heard the results I was amazed at how relieved I felt.  “You are free and clear,” she said.  Phew.  It was like I finally let go of the breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.  I had thought that I’d probably ultimately be fine, but I thought (like the last few times) there would be something “suspicious” or “disturbing” that they’d want to investigate further.  At some level I just expected them to want to do extra x-rays (like they had before) or ultrasounds (like they had before) and then to want to do various rather invasive, uncomfortable biopsies (like they had before.)  Somehow I was not prepared for:  You’re good to go!

I felt so incredibly light walking out of that hospital.  I felt like I was floating.  I continued to feel joy for the rest of the day.

I am so very, very grateful for this gift.

And I am sending much, much, much love to the numerous friends who have not been so blessed.

2 Responses to “Second Post-lumpectomy Mammo”

  1. CSTryon April 26, 2014 at 12:23 am #

    How are you doing today? You haven’t posted anything since October. Please share an update or two!

    I know how you feel! I think most of us are more prepared to hear bad news than we are good news. I felt the same way you feel when I went in to have my stitches removed and found out the results of the CT and Bone Scans. I hugged my doctor twice and like you, I floated out of her office, down the elevator and to my car.

    What an incredible feeling!

    • cindygreb April 28, 2014 at 7:16 pm #

      You are so kind to ask! I’m doing well! Sometimes I feel like I should post more, but now that I’m doing better, I’ve been writing about other things.
      I’m so glad you got good news, too! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!
      Continued blessings to you!

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